Similar Brand Attributes Can lead to Win-Win Collaborations!

tribble_image_39533548_lBrand attributes, or core values, represent the essence of your brand and help distinguish you from your competition. They include character, beliefs, values and personality traits. They not only attract your ideal peeps, but also amazing collaborations.

Identify your brand attributes:
List six to eight words that represent you. A few of mine are: Positive, Energetic, Creative, Integrity, Team Player, and Problem Solver. Remember, this is organic and your attributes change and develop in conjunction with your business.

Find peeps to collaborate with:
Look for people and businesses that are in alignment with your brand attributes. I like to use the phone test: If you think Ugh when you see someone’s name on the caller ID, they’re probably not a good match. If you smile and look forward to the conversation, that is a great sign!

Why Collaborate?
You cannot be all things to all people, and collaborations can be value-added for your clients. For example, Caterina Rando serves entrepreneurs in having a thriving business. She does not provide graphic design; she collaborates with designers like me to provide her clients with a referral that is in alignment with her brand.

Think about whom you serve. What are your community’s needs and who do you feel good about referring your clients to? List the collaborative relationships you’re using now and the ones you want to add.

Are collaborations just referrals?
No. You can collaborate with your information products sold on each other’s sites and ask to share email lists as well.

How do I attract quality collaborations?
Have a strong brand that communicates clearly and concisely what you do, who you do it for, and the benefits. It should look professional, with quality design that both your ideal clients and ideal collaborations! I am always happy to help. You can reach me at  510-881-8446 or

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