Technology Makes it so Easy to Collaborate with your Bookkeeper!

Candy Messer Print 3 graphicAre you a small business owner trying to do it all including handling your own bookkeeping? Are you afraid it would take too much effort to get information to someone in order for them to help you? Technology makes it so easy to collaborate, allowing you to offload this task!

There are numerous ways your bookkeeper can help. If you need access to your QuickBooks® file, remote access into your computer is one option if you are currently using the desktop version. QuickBooks online is another way owner and bookkeeper can collaborate. Hosting the data file in a shared folder in the cloud is another. We use all of these options with our clients depending on their specific needs.

As a client, you may not even have to send much, if any, documentation. Read-only access allows bookkeepers the ability to log in to your bank account, view checks cashed, and download statements to reconcile. Third-party software often can sync with QuickBooks posting transactions (although I don’t recommend using every sync that is offered. Sometimes it’s too much data, so talk to your bookkeeper to determine which are right for you).

I have a few favorites I recommend to clients when I hear their needs and determine which method of working together is best. And technology is ever changing, so there may be a better solution to your situation in the very near future. Having a bookkeeper familiar with better solutions is important as well.

One misconception is that your bookkeeper must be local to you. With technology, you can collaborate with someone anywhere in the world. If you are ready to offload this task, contact us to see if we are a good fit for you!

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