Your Stress-Free Travel Packing Plan – Part 3

travel-164575_1280In Part 2 of this Travel Packing series, I shared what not to pack.  Here are some things that are always useful on a trip.

•    A dress can be so useful. You can dress it up or down. In hot weather it can be so much cooler than pants and tops. Add a cardigan or jacket and/or a scarf and you’ve warmed it up for chillier days or evenings.

•    Bring a rain-resistant anorak or trench coat. Too many pieces of outerwear can really add pounds to your suitcase. Keep it simple. Choose a jacket in a neutral color and it should easily work with any outfit.

•    Pack an outfit for the unexpected cold snap or the unexpected warm spell. Unless you’re 100% confident about the weather being as predicted for where you’re going, we all know that weather conditions are rather erratic at this time. You could be wearing that “just in case” outfit three days in a row.

•    A cardigan is a terrific layering piece. It could be your outerwear on most days or it can layer nicely under your jacket. A print cardigan can be a good choice if you’re packing mostly neutral shades. Or choose one that’s solid-colored if you prefer.

•    A change of shoes is a must. Nothing makes a trip more miserable than sore feet. Switching back and forth between shoe styles will make your feet much happier. It’s not smart to over pack shoes but don’t be too stingy either. Your feet will need relief.

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To find out more about these pieces, go to:

Don’t forget to bring your accessories. Here is a short list of smart choices.

•    A long chain necklace in your best metal – silver, copper, gold, or mixed. You can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, a sheath dress, a bohemian dress – nearly anything!
•    A simple watch that you buy from a drugstore. Don’t take your expensive watch on the trip.
•    A good-sized crinkle scarf. The crinkle material is easy to pack, doesn’t require ironing and is fashionable 24/7. This scarf will wrap around your neck on a chilly evening or act as a shawl over a dress.
•    A hat or two will serve you well. Bring a straw hat for wearing in the heat, looking for as wide a brim as you can to give you the most protection from the sun. Bring a crocheted hat or even a baseball type hat for when you wake up, want to run down to the breakfast buffet before you hit the streets and don’t have time to fix your hair.
•    A crossbody bag is perfect for security, comfort, and style. It could be in a neutral color, a metallic shade or in an accent color. It’s better and more fashionable than a fanny pack while still leaving your hands free.

If you have questions or concerns about your next trip and could use help preparing or packing, email Marion Gellatly at or call
831-625-2000. Start your travels with peace of mind before you even get through the security check.

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