3 Essential Steps to Working SMARTER, Not Harder – Part 1

1681675Most of us were raised by parents who had depression era scarcity beliefs about money and working HARDER.

Have you ever had the following thoughts?

To be successful:

  • I have to work long, hard hours, struggle and sacrifice
  • I can’t have balance in my life
  • I won’t have time for myself, my friends and my family

Can you understand now why you might sabotage your success? Why would anyone every want to suffer like that?

 The first step is replacing these old beliefs with new empowering ones.

This is where a coach can help you dive into your subconscious mind and find the beliefs that aren’t serving you.

For example, if you really want to work smarter, then you need to find someone who will help you discover the origins of those self-limiting beliefs and help you pull them out by the roots, like pulling out weeds.

Once you have found the origins, you’ll create a vacuum and into that vacuum will go your new Empowered Beliefs, such as:

  • Success means I work smarter, not harder
  • I easily create success with ease
  • As I am successful, I create a balance between my personal and professional life
  • I always have plenty of time for fun, rest, self-care and self-maintenance.
  • I am so happy and grateful that the only person’s approval I need is my own.
  • My needs are as important as anyone else’s.

To read steps 2 and 3, come back next week for more on Working Smarter, not Harder, with Dr. Maya Bailey.

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