Energy Attraction Tools for Your Best Year Ever


Do you want to manifest a truly magnificent life? Then start your New Year on the right energetic track with these tips.

First, let me explain what I mean when I say energy. In the Asian cultures the equivalent word is chí. These words refer to the life force residing within everything on this planet. Everything is made up of atoms and molecules that are constantly moving at various rates.

When you are sick, your chí level is different than when you are healthy. Looking at buildings, a rundown rental deters good energy while a beautiful home attracts energy. Disgruntled employees repel business while positive people become energetic centers attracting good to themselves and everything around them.

Like energy attracts like energy is a Universal law. Let it work for you.

Blocking Your Good

If there is clutter around you, decision-making is hard. If you can’t easily walk into your office, clients and money will find it difficult to locate you. Also, they are much more likely to not pay you even when they have the money.

Attracting good, specific energy

What do you want in your personal and professional life? Can you visualize it? Are you emotionally attached to it?

These are key questions to ponder. They tell you how to engage the qualities needed to change the way your brain sees your environment. Your environment is an outward expression of your inner being. Become emotionally involved with your environment.

Three key areas on which to focus the attraction process plus possible attraction tools are:
• Front door—use color, wind chimes, water features and fragrances
• Your office—display awards, pictures of your perfect clients and your creative projects and products
• Your bedroom—create a nurturing, healthy and beautiful room with candles, comforters, chaise, altar and spiritual icons or “sacred-to-you” objects

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