The Need To Make Money 24/7

passive money

Why the need to make money 24/7? There is a misconception that the root of all evil is money.

In reality, money creates options and freedom;

the option to make choices when life hands you the unexpected and the freedom to afford it.

Do you feel excited or stressed when I say, “make money 24/7?”

I would hope it’s excited. If not, let’s look at making a shift. We’re definitely busy sometimes working full time  in and out of the home. However, the key in today’s society is building an income that pays you even when you’re not working.

Look at your monthly costs:

How much do you need to live on today? Include rent or mortgage, utilities, food and other debt. That is your starting point to understand how much you need to start building.

Residual  and  passive income stream:

It is time to find your passion and start creating a form of residual or passive income. We are stuck in a society that is unhappily working a J.O.B (JustOverBroke) and Broke can mean financially or emotionally.

Residual Income:  means money comes in every month and YOU give value back.

( money while you sleep).

Passive Income: means you work a little bit and then get paid. Real Estate Investing is an example.

How can you start:

Unsure of how to begin? Take the time to read or listen to books; Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield etc. Take note to what lights your passion.

My goal for each of you is to also include how you can create a tax-free lifetime income stream and that is where I come in.

It is going to be the most important piece of the puzzle for your future.

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