White is White, or Is It?

Especially during summer months, we love to include white shirts and blouses in our wardrobes. But, are all whites created equal? No! Whites can be pure, and they can be soft or creamy. Which white is best for you?

June article 3 pic 1 Pure whites usually look better on an individual who has all or some cool coloring. For example, pink skin tone; blue or blue-green eyes; black, white, gray, or taupe brown hair. I also like pure white on rich dark skin tone.


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Creamy whites look better on individuals that have all or some warm coloring to their skin, eyes or hair color. For example, peach, golden or olive skin tone; brown, olive or golden eyes; warm brown, golden blonde, or red hair.


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But, the best rule of thumb is to choose whites that are keyed to the color of your teeth or the whites of your eyes. If your teeth have “yellowed” because of age or smoking, then a pure white shirt or blouse will make your teeth look even more yellow. Same with the whites of your eyes. So, make sure you choose your whites carefully.

When to Avoid Wearing White:
•    When you have minimal time and budget for care of the garment. White shows every mark, and body oils and perspiration will leave neck soil and underarm stains that must be cleaned frequently and are difficult to remove.
•    When you don’t wear makeup or if you have very light or pale skin as you will look washed out.

When to Wear White:
•    In a hot, humid climate when you want to look and feel cool.
•    For business when you need to project professional authority used in contrast against dark shades, such as navy, black, charcoal.
•    For a formal occasion if you have dark skin and hair.

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