Women Entrepreneur Self-Care, It is Not What You Think

Laurie Z Digital 3 graphicAs women we hear often about the importance of taking care of ourselves, by making sure we exercise, get enough sleep and eat healthy. As women entrepreneurs there are other self-care to-dos we do not talk about enough. Here are three women in business ideas to review and see what you can do to take better care of you and your bottom line.

 Stand Up for Your Business

As women we are raised on the idea that being nice and agreeable is the way to be. As a woman on a mission, I am sure you have found that nice does not always get the job done. Standing up for your business is like speaking up for yourself. Be sure you are letting your team of vendors know when something is not working. People cannot do better if we do not tell them we need something different. Is there a place you need a better result?

Expect Excellent Service

As a business mentor to women I often hear stories of vendors who vanish or contractors who act like they are doing a favor by working on a project. Make sure you are expecting excellent service from who ever you are paying and if you are not getting great service, ask for it. If you still do not get it, find another solution, you deserve it.

Communicate Your Expectations Early

When starting new relationships with team members or new vendors, sometimes women are unconsciously focused on being liked and being perceived as easy to work with, rather than being clear about what the expectations are. If you have an expectation that every task is completed or every call returned within 24 hours, say that. The clearer you can be about your expectations the better your business will go.

Take care of yourself by taking care of your business. One of the ways you take care of your business is taking a few minutes to take advantage of all the TWIBC resources we have for you. Visit:  www.twibc.com for more great articles, event listings, expert interviews and more.

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