3 Actions You Can Take on Facebook to Gain Insta-Clients

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Are you struggling with your Social Media?  Technically, you know how to do it but you’re not doing it.

You get ready to post something and you put your cursor on the send button, start to click and then you suddenly find yourself clicking over to someone else’s wall to see what they’ve posted.  You wonder, is what you’re posting similar, different, OK, right, wrong, going to embarrass you or someone else?  Is it something you want out there on the internet forever?  Wow!  That’s an even bigger question!  Well, no wonder you’re struggling, stuck, not doing it!  Wasting time!  Frustrated!

Here are 3 actions you can take on your Social Media with confidence.  You will never have to hesitate or worry that you are doing something wrong or making a mistake.Inspiration

You can always post inspiring quotes and images.  When you search for content, use your keywords.  Keep your brand in mind.  If your brand is positive and uplifting, then post content that is positive and uplifting.


Your blog is intended primarily to educate, inspire and motivate your potential customers.  It’s not about promotion though you can share your upcoming workshops and events.  When you share your blog on Social Media, just share a couple of engaging sentences and a link back to your blog on your website. Although Facebook’s new algorithm doesn’t want you leading people off of Facebook, I still recommend that with your blogs you put the link back to your site.  Then you can keep people on Facebook with your quotes, images and videos

Like, Comment, Share and CARE

When in doubt, you can always LIKE, comment, share and CARE about other peoples’ content that is relevant to your brand and marketing message!

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