Maintain Your Summer Stamina for Success


Summer is full of graduations, other kinds of celebrations and vacations. You may feel called to sit by the pool or sip an umbrella beverage during business hours. It is important to find the right balance for you between enjoying your summer and running your business. Here are a few quick ideas to keep you happy on both fronts:

Celebrate your business
Summer is a great time to throw a client appreciation picnic, or host an open air open house in the patio of your office complex, your back yard or a local restaurant with an outdoor section. Create an opportunity to get people together, connect and build relationships. This a great business building idea for this time of year.

Announce a summer sale
Your business always needs something new and exciting going on. In the summer sometimes it is harder to get people’s attention. A summer sale on a product or service you want to be louder and prouder about is a great way to gain visibility for something you offer.
Set a start and ending date for your sale, that will create urgency and increase your sales.

Offer a retreat
You know everyone wants to get away this time of year. Give them a reason by providing a retreat. It could even be a one-day retreat. Any service business can host a retreat. for lots of things: You can provide financial planning, business planning, a yoga retreat, a learn new recipes retreat, the ideas are endless. If this one stumps you, ask your clients what they would like a retreat on. They may have some great suggestions for you.

You can always use more Summer Success Stamina. Identify which of these ideas will make the most difference for you, begin to implement some changes and watch your Summer Success Stamina soar. Visit our TWIBC site for great articles, videos, podcasts, event listings and much more.

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