Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success? Part 3

comfort zone

This is part three in a three part series on sabotaging your own success. If you missed part two, you can read it here.

The “gung ho” vs. “comfort zone” conflict

Let’s face it; in order to be successful you do have to take a leap of faith and leave your comfort zone. Moving forward always involves some risk.
However what many people fail to realize is that staying stuck in your comfort zone also involves risk.

What risk?

It’s the risk of not fulfilling your potential, the risk of staying at a low financial level, the risk of never reaching your dreams.
In all of us there is an inner struggle between the part of us that wants us to dream big, and the part of us that wants us to settle for what we have. Usually some inner “conflict resolution” will help you to realize that you can have a win-win between both parts of you.

The “gung ho” part needs to realize that you need a balanced life with plenty of time for self-care and self-maintenance. The “comfort zone” part needs to realize that the comfort zone is not safe, and that sensations that are labeled fear can just as easily be labeled excitement as you find the growing edge of your comfort zone and move beyond it.

To reinforce the balance of these two parts of us, I recommend these empowered beliefs:

•    It is now safe for me to grow and expand
•    I’m committed to creating success in a balanced way

Here’s one of my favorites, “In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, I create TOTAL financial success, for the highest good of all.”

Let this be your mantra and allow yourself to grow into your full potential with ease and grace.

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