Tips to Show Your Bookkeeper You Love Them Part 2

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In the last post I started to share tips on how to show your bookkeeper you love them. If you missed part one, read it by clicking here. More tips shared by Melanie Power, Director – Power Finance and Head of Bookkeeping at Xero are:

2. Know what you need – and communicate it

Do you just need someone to help with compliance? Or do you want someone familiar with your industry who can help you prepare for potential partnerships and growth opportunities? Do some homework, talk to your network and reach out to local business associations to determine the kinds of services and expertise you really need. Once you know what you need, be clear with your bookkeeper so they know how you’ll work together, how often they will be in touch and what you expect.

3. Collaborate in real time

Your bookkeeper cannot help you if they don’t know your numbers. Make it as frictionless as possible for her to access your numbers when she needs them. Online collaboration and data-sharing tools make working together easy, no matter where you’re each located, and many online accounting platforms enable bookkeepers to access client accounts on-the-go. These tools can also help your bookkeeper analyze your business data to uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses, and help you better prepare for the future.

4. Use your business plan as a roadmap for collaboration

If you don’t have a business plan already, make one. And, once you have it, use it as roadmap to guide quarterly conversations and decisions with your accountant. Your business may certainly evolve and priorities may change, but creating a business plan can be a powerful exercise in thinking through scenarios and anticipating problems before they hinder growth. Regularly discussing your business plan with your bookkeeper can also help keep you accountable and focused on the key drivers of growth for your company.

In the next post, I’ll share Melanie’s final two tips on how to work with your bookkeeper.

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