Wearing Color with Intention – Part 2

In this Part 2 I am addressing three popular colors that are often used as accent colors…Red, Orange and Yellow.  If you missed Part 1 about neutrals, check it out in last week’s post here.


This color exudes energy, determination, excitement, and passion. Use it as your power tool and be ready to deliver what’s expected of you, and then some. Wear a red dress and people will be impressed by your confidence. Wear red in a skirt, a jacket, or shoes. Even a little bit of it goes a long way to expressing vivaciousness. It’s also an easy color to use in your makeup. Choose it for lipstick shades or nail polish.


This color is all about creativity, enthusiasm, and stimulation. It’s a great color to wear around children when you want them to join you in your fun activities. Wear orange to express joy. An orange jacket is a great pick-me-up, makes you look alert, and radiant. You stand out in orange jeans (when indigo would be the easy choice), an orange handbag (when black would be practical), or orange loafers (because brown would be expected). Be the life of the party!


This color is comforting, lively, optimistic, and attention grabbing. If you want people around you to feel happy and energetic, wear yellow. Wear it in a silk blouse to the office, or a T-shirt with jeans on the weekend. It’s pretty in a twin cardigan set or a summer dress. Add it in accents with belts, bangles, and lightweight scarves. It’s a great color choice for an umbrella.

Color is one of my specialties and wearing the right color for the right situation is both an art and a science. I’d love to help you make great choices for you and your lifestyle. Give me a call and we can focus on what looks right on you but also what will align with your personal goals and emotional needs. Clothes can be great counsel when you let them!  831-625-2000 or mlgellatly@powerful-presence.com

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