Building Income

fun moneyHow do we create that perfect balance of Building Income and having Fun?  I’m a true believer that building income needs to be fun. Its just my personality type. However, too much fun can cause a strain on your financial house. 


Is your most valuable asset! Most people think it is their home or other real estate acquisitions.The reality is if you lose the ability to earn income the money will start to vanish with overhead. Not good. 


If we lose our ability to earn then we will drain our savings and perhaps even take loans out of 401k plans possibly having to pay taxes and penalties. For some there is always using the credit card or clearing out the cash accumulation on a life insurance policy.

*Have you noticed banks are starting to send out letters stating  interest rates are going up again?

Working Smart

Plan a budget for client events or meet ups? You can start small. Perhaps it’s a monthly coffee with a client. Ask them to bring a friend to introduce to you. This will maximize your time.

You can create a Dutch Breakfast Club or Master-Mind Breakfast Group!

Following a weekly schedule

Keeps us on target for a goal and also allows us to look at areas we can schedule with clients to keep relationship building. Your schedule is your lifeline. For myself. I plan three social events each week, one evening mixer and two daytime events. It could be touching base with clients or networking with new prospects. Could meeting three new prospects a week  or 8-12 per month be financially life changing?  

Having Fun creates Having Funds

Not only are you going to enjoy growing your business but the “fun” will be a principal player in your financial gain.

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