What if it was all easy?

Do you know a businesswoman who seems to always get in her own way? She gets upset or stressed easily. She seems to always be struggling and she is the first to tell you why something is so difficult to do. Hopefully, the woman you are thinking of is not the one you see in the mirror. There may be days though, when you do feel like your efforts are not coming together and it seems like you take two steps forward and then move three steps back. Everything is better when you look for the ease. Follow these super tips to add more ease to your day, every day:

Put your attention on ease. Keep asking yourself how this (whatever you are working on) can be easier. Ask yourself that same question several times and hopefully you will get a different answer each time.

Done is better than perfect. We often create a lot of struggle for ourselves by tweaking and re-tweaking, working and reworking our plans, proposals and even our PowerPoint presentations until they are stressing us significantly—stop it.

Make clear requests. Hopefully you have gotten really good at asking for what you want. That is only the first part of getting what you want. The second part is making sure your requests are specific and you include a deadline. Otherwise a lot of frustration can occur.

Most important is to expect ease. Before every meeting, every phone call, every event, expect it will happen with harmony and be incredible.

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Expecting Ease!  Caterina Rando, Publisher

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