Divine Marketing Strategies for Juicy Success 

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Does your marketing strategy bring about feelings of excitement or obligation? Obligation only motivates for so long, and avoidance can soon follow. Or, you move ahead despite your lack of joy, and pay the price by feeling dry or having less than stellar results. Infuse your marketing strategy with these tips for a joy-filled journey and outcomes that are divine.

Be true to your heart: Sure, a sound strategy is based in part on best practices and research, but it has to contain desire as well. Admit your heart-based hopes—even the parts you feel vulnerable about admitting—so your plan leads you somewhere you really want to go. Your heart must be considered in your strategy, along with your body, mind and soul. Don’t create a plan where your “heart isn’t in it” or where you don’t want to enact it.

Rituals count: Rituals have long been used to bring about desired outcomes by those who are spiritual and by those who aren’t. They are a way of being deliberate and intentional with the universe about something you’d like to see happen. Studies show that rituals reduce anxiety, increase confidence and heighten experiences. Create and enact a ritual around your strategy and glean these juicy benefits.

Shower plans with love: How do you show you love something? Bless it, accept it for where it is and trust its unfolding. Bless your plans with love often. Showering them with criticism for not being good enough or worrying that they aren’t going to unfold doesn’t work. Manage your inner fears and bring only loving thoughts to your strategy. This shows the universe that you are ready to partner in the greater plan that is unfolding in just the right time and way around you.

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