Grow When You Know

benita-digital-image-5I recently watched a TV show episode about businesses that were no longer thriving and needed full makeovers to survive. The expert had come in and assessed the property, observed production and staff performance, and gave his recommendations.

Although the owner asked for the assistance and expertise of a successful entrepreneur, the owner refused to implement the new strategies.

I was in shock! I could not believe that the owner was not willing to take the advice of an expert in order to turn his dying business around. The thought that if he hired more staff it would correct production and performance at the new franchise, and business would begin to grow. WRONG!

Always be willing to listen to guidance from an expert in your industry and to the needs of your audience. Avoid trying to grow faster than what you are equipped for, because you can potentially hurt your brand if you’re not ready.

The same formulas you used for marketing and strategies 10 years ago may not work today. I have seen countless businesses that are still trying to use the same formulas and strategies today that they used 20 years ago. It does not work! Strategies aren’t some mystical, magical formula or potion. Your strategies are simply the way in which you do what you are called to do and how they work best for you. Strategies change as you grow and as your industry evolves over time. The same strategies used for one business may not work for another one. Why? Because every industry is different, consumers are different, demand is different, location is different, even supplies and merchandise may be different. I think you should Grow when you know the strategies you put in place have caused monetary growth.

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