Harness Your Energy to Do Less and Make More Money 


Do less? Yeah, right. That sounds like one of those spiritual practices that don’t take into account just how much you have to do!

Actually, there is an 80/20 rule that allows you to do less, earn more and dominate in your industry. The rule says that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts, and vice versa.

Do you complain about being busy? What impact are your actions having in your business or your life? If you were to analyze your time for the week, you might find that the majority of the actions you take have very little impact on your bottom line.

What if you could tweak your actions to focus on what really matters? You could leapfrog to your next level. Over my years of coaching, I’ve heard it called the difference between working on your business and working in your business.

First, to “do less” is really more about getting laser focused on what really needs to be done. It’s not possible to take care of everything when it comes to your family and business. Shop. Cook. Drive. Clean. Make love. Coach clients. Speak. Travel. Eat healthy. Support parents.

We’re not wired for unlimited distractions. We have only so much attention and cognition to go around. Therefore, it only makes sense to laser focus on what is the most revenue-generating activity you can do for your business when you’re in it. Likewise, the same is true for your family.

Putting your focus on impact allows you to work less and make more money. This is where your 80 percent goes. This action propels you to your goal sooner, quicker and faster—especially with sustained, consistent effort.

Focus your efforts each day on improving things that work and letting go of things that don’t.

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