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Your core message is the same no matter how you package it
Your core message is the same no matter how you package it

Are you communicating your Core Marketing Message on Social Media?

Marketing your message is like ordering food at a Mexican restaurant. Once you have identified and clarified your core message, you are going to brand your online presence through your core message.  Depending on who you are targeting, you package your message accordingly. I recommend you say it a variety of ways to reach different people.  Overall you want all of your content on social media to be an expression of your brand, your core message, even when you like, comment and share other people’s content, you want it to be in alignment with your brand.

How do you communicate what you do to Different Types of People on Social Media?

It’s just like ordering Mexican food.  You have your taco, your enchilada, your tostada and your burrito.  Truth is, it’s all the same ingredients inside, the core message is the same.  It’s just a matter of how you serve it on the plate. Nothing has changed about your product or service.  You know what you do.  It’s just how you communicate it.  And we all know what we like at the Mexican restaurant.  It’s just the packaging, crispy taco shell, soft tortilla, lotsa lettuce…

When you are Creating your Social Media Content to Post

This is a great analogy to use when you are creating your social media content.  Not everyone will resonate with the same images, videos, words etc.  You don’t have to change your message, after all, it’s your message!  You just change the packaging, the mediums, images etc.  And you will reach different people with different images and mediums.  Think about this, if all Mexican restaurants were just taco stands they would reach a lot less of their target audience.  But since there are so many different types of Mexican restaurants, foods, etc., the likelihood that they will reach their intended market is much higher.  The next time you start to choose your content for social media, think carefully if you’re communicating your message with just tacos or if you will try tostadas, enchiladas and burritos to reach more people!

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