Too Busy? Try this.

alarm-clock-590383_1920Want to add free time to your busy schedule? Here is a simple practice that saves sanity. I use the free Google calendar connected to my Gmail account.

To simplify your life, first set up your Google calendar, and then let go of these two things:

Let go of the belief I have to do it. As Adam Markel says, “Shift from How can I get this done? to Who can help me get this done?”

Stop making lists. They are draining, time-consuming, and actually create one more thing to do. Start writing all tasks only on your calendar. This saves you from having to look for a list, and allocates the time to get the task done. If you don’t finish it, move it to the next day.

Step One. Create recurring appointments for anything important to you-even exercise or a date with your loved one. If it’s important, schedule it. When laying out my goals, I schedule vacation and time off with loved ones first. Exercise goes on next as a daily recurring appointment.

Step Two. Choose the time block you want to use for working, like a specific weekday and time for taking calls from clients.

Step Three. Choose a day and time for personal and professional development.

My calendar is accessible to my entire team from any computer and synchs with my cell phone. If anyone adds appointments, we all get the update.

When life happens and to-dos arise that are not in our regular course of life or business, I write them on my calendar.

At the end of the week, a clean calendar gives me a strong sense of completion.

When you put this into practice, let me know what you decide to do with your newly found free time.

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