Financial Abundance

abundanceThis is a question that I love. It evokes many thoughts from the incredibly greedy to the thoughtful giving. When we put ourselves in a state of need we can block the greatness that can create abundance.

Did you ever get yourself into a financial pickle be it business finance or personal?

What would you typically do?

Are you a “Runner?” Are you a “HIDER?” Are you “BUSY?” Are you “Better Than That?”

Let’s look:

The runner.

You have already created a financial issue and now you are stressed, irritated, nervous and no matter what you think about all you see and think about is that debt, bills and you ask yourself ,”How do I get out of this?” Then it comes. The IDCA otherwise known as I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!

Now it starts; pushing aside financial responsibility .

Do you Hide?

Same issues apply as the runner however the hider becomes reclusive steps back and feels completely helpless.

Are you Busy?

There are legitimate times in our lives when a cluster of things happen and take priority. At other times we use those reasons and it paralyzes us.

Who is Better than That?

That’s your EGO. Drop it.

These are not areas of power.

Now it’s time to take back your power. Drop that emotional charge. It will drag you down.

Financial Gratitude is key to creating abundance.

It can be as simple as writing down three things you are grateful for daily.

1. That wonderfully soft bed you rest your body in at night

2 .The safe car you get to drive daily

3. Your bank account no matter the amount in it

Being proactive and staying positive are key components in your financial houseRemember. Gratitude Creates Freedom in Life.


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