Happy People Inspire More Happy People!

lee-richter-print-image-6When we share happiness, we get happier. It is contagious, like laughing at a funny joke. When we are happier in life, we are 31 percent more productive, have 37 percent higher sales, and are 300 percent more creative. Just think, when you’re at Best Buy, you want to purchase that TV from the happy guy, not the grumpy one. It’s just natural to gravitate toward people who are happy. 

So what does it mean when you are happy, creative and productive? Well, it means you can share happiness, because you are in the flow. It is easy to share your happiness when it is natural and life is good, meaningful and worthwhile.

One way to be happier is to be generous with others. When you share your time with people who need help or support, it raises your happiness quotient. I experience this firsthand when I focus my attention on helping others.

One of my friends raises funds to build schools in Africa. The goal is $125 for each classroom. When we reach the goal, it provides happiness dividends. We are thrilled to celebrate success together. And when people actually go to Africa and meet the kids who will learn at the school, their happiness grows exponentially.

Happiness is a feeling. When you feel grateful, you feel happy. When you cultivate happiness through gratitude, it is the best way to train your brain to stay in a happy state. Looking for the good tells your nervous system to stay in a happy and grateful place. When you are naturally in a happy state, it is fun to share happiness with others.

At ShareHappinessNow.com, we wish you more happiness to share each day.

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