How to Use Your Brain and Shift Your Mindset to be More Successful

Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson is considered to be one of the nation’s top experts on the Brain Personality Connection. She is a dynamic and engaging international public speaker; business, communication, and relationship consultant; as well as a published Author. She has been interviewed on several radio stations including the ABC network and television appearances on Fox, UPN, and ABC. For more than 16 years she has been igniting her audiences to fire up their brains to inspire positive changes in the relationships of all in attendance. The information she shares will help those who hear to accelerate their success in life and business through discovery of their natural gifts and maximizing their brain power.

Whether you are an individual looking to improve your life and relationships, parents desiring to improve their skills, an entrepreneur wanting to increase your profits, or a corporate office who wants to improve their employees productivity and attendance and improve your bottom line, Julie’s company, Your Best Mind’s programs are for you.

It is the goal of Your Best Mind to open people’s minds to the power of the brain. To help them see that improvements in their lives, businesses, and relationships is possible by using the power of the brain!

Listen to Julie’s podcast here.

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