Peri Gabriel is our Thriving Woman of the Week

Peri Gabriel has been self-employed for over two decades. Her newest venture is her wine and painting studio, Pinot’s Palette Alameda. She is married to her best friend, Sean, and has two daughters and a seven-year-old granddaughter. She’s a 5th generation native Californian.

How long have you been in business? I have been an entrepreneur since 1996 when I started my book design company, Knockout Design. After 19 years of designing books, my husband, Sean, and I embarked on a new adventure as owners of a paint and wine studio. The studio opened in South Shore Center, Alameda in August 2015.

What is your mission for your business? To bring art to the masses, in a fun and upscale environment with exceptional customer service. We Paint, Drink and Have Fun!

If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be? How difficult it is to find and keep good employees even when paying a good wage.

What is a guiding principle that you use in your business?  Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Whether it is a guest, employee or just someone I meet, I try to see things from their point of view.

What makes you a thriving woman in business? Working smarter instead of harder. It is a constant struggle to maintain balance in life, but so very important. One of the guiding principles I attempt to put into practical use daily.

What do you love about being a thriving woman in business? I do love being the creator of my own destiny. This can be a very scary thing. I truly cannot remember what it is like to work FOR someone else as an employee, as it has been too many years. Being your own boss is not cut out for everyone. It takes a lot of drive, devotion, discipline, and a very large leap of faith in yourself. I especially love meeting other women who have put themselves out there and taken that leap.

What is the next big thing or dream for you in your business? To do less day to day operations and more interaction with community. We want to expand the business to larger off-site events for both fundraising as well as corporate events of 50+. While also increasing our daytime use of the studio for team buildings.

How can our readers connect with you? Email me or call 510-710-1400. Connect with me also on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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