Where to Focus When

You can achieve anything you want when you focus your energy and passion. Your passion may be about your business, but your focus may be on responsibilities: your day job, your partner, your kids or your parents.

Focus becomes easier when you have systems in place to help your business run smoothly. I learned this by starting multiple businesses and getting completely burned out. Systems were my salvation!

There are three major phases most businesses go through, each with action steps. Below are some highlights from a checklist I created to help my clients navigate each phase.

Phase 1: Getting Started

In this phase you establish your identity.

Action items:

  • Identify your ideal client and niche market.
  • Create products and services tailored to their needs.
  • Participate in sales and marketing training.
  • Develop your marketing strategy and language.
  • Set up your email list and website.

Phase 2: Expanding Your Reach

In this phase, your website is up and running, and your email newsletter goes out regularly. It is now time to expand your online presence.

Action items:

  • Establish your social media marketing.
  • Offer free trainings or webinars, or record your programs to develop info products.
  • Speak at events.
  • Develop strategic joint-venture alliances.

Phase 3: Honing Your Practice

Now your business is known and you are feeling more confident and established. It is time to gain momentum.

Action Items:

  • Hire an assistant.
  • Plan your marketing a year at a time and include more launches.
  • Host live events.
  • Schedule a vacation!

Be patient and enjoy the process. The more you are willing to embrace it and enjoy each phase, the more resilient you will be to the rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship.

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