Tracy Lynne Principi is our Thriving Woman of the Week

Tracy Lynne Principi is a psychic business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs who are struggling with limiting beliefs around money and self-worth, who instead want to get off the hamster wheel and create a soul-aligned money-making biz they love! She is the owner of Healing All Beings.

How long have you been in business? I’ve been in business about a year.

Why did you begin your business? I started my business because I want to teach others how to thrive in their business and step out into their power and purpose without the fear and doubt that keeps so many from ever obtaining success.

What is your mission for your business? My mission is to empower women to harness their own power and strength and see beyond the self limits, of fear, doubt, judgement, self confidence and being visible.

If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be? The time and commitment it takes and to constantly work on my mindset daily.

What is a guiding principle that you use in your business?  Authenticity, trust and honesty.

What makes you a thriving woman in business? I never let fear stop me. I felt the call to help more people on a larger scale so I sold a business, jumped in my car and moved to Los Angeles at the end of November 2016 and the magic is on the other side of fear. My biz is thriving and I’m making an impact, reaching more people!

What do you love about being a thriving woman in business? I get to help others and see the potential that they do not yet see in themselves. I love the wins!

What is the next big thing or dream for you in your business? Speaking engagements with rooms full of people!

How can our readers connect with you? Email me at Visit my website at www.healingallbeings.comConnect with me also in my Facebook group, my Facebook page, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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