3 Simple Tips: Organize Your Digital Life for Maximum Influence

How do you feel about the way you use email? What’s your relationship with your inbox?

How’s your computer desktop looking? What about your LinkedIn and Facebook contacts? How are those organized, if at all? Why does any of this even matter?

When I work with my clients at our SpaLife Retreats or in my online academy, one of the core principles I teach is that our environment affects everything. In 2017, our digital environment, including email, social media and our smartphones, are just as important as what we do with our home office.

To build influence and cultivate amazing relationships with your clients and colleagues, it’s critical that your digital environment support, and not sabotage, your goals.

Here are three quick action steps that will help you create a digital environment that fully supports your goal of building more influence:

Make sure every email you receive has a place to go immediately. Instead of using your inbox as a “catch-all,” set up folders where you can batch your emails accordingly.

Turn off your email notifications on your smartphone and set specific times of day where you check email. This may seem scary, but your communication will be more effective when you are fully present, versus responding quickly “on the fly.”
Learn how to create “lists” on Facebook and “tags” on LinkedIn so you can easily communicate with segments of people. This will focus your marketing and networking efforts, which certainly helps to build influence.

Take these steps to organize your digital life and make it easier to focus your communication strategy. You’ll also feel a lot calmer every time you open your computer and turn on your smartphone!

Couldn’t we all use a bit more of that calmness in our lives?

Here’s to living your SpaLife!

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