Build Your Influence to Increase Your Impact 

“Having influence is not about elevating self, but about lifting others.” –Sheri Dew

Imagine yourself having massive influence in the world. You are now not only reaching many more people, you are also impacting them-touching, moving and inspiring them in some way to create transformation in themselves, their businesses, and their lives.

What is influence? One definition is to inspire others to choose you-to listen to, to follow and to learn from. Influence is also the power to be a compelling force, an amazing attractor magnet.

Here are five magical tips to build influence:

  • Stand in your power. Hold yourself a little taller, feel your power and let your light shine in the world.
  • Empower others. Be the contribution you are here to be. Notice whom you can support, lift up and inspire. What a beautiful way to make a difference and, in the process, build influence.
  • Be passionate. Start by being passionate yourself. Be energized, excited and zesty. You will then ignite passion in others.
  • Be authentic. Even though this sounds too simple, just be yourself. There is only one you. You are truly unique. Share your uniqueness with the world in all your glory!
  • Embrace your magnificence. In all humility, own your greatness. Let go of noticing everything ‘wrong’ or everything you want to change about yourself-and focus on what’s extraordinary and amazing about yourself. It’s right there if you look for it.

Whether you want to change minds, move others to act or build your community, have fun playing with these tips and watch what happens.

Build your influence to increase your impact, and change the world!

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