Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

As we go through each day we make more choices than we can count. Some are conscious, like what will I wear today? and some are unconscious as we grab milk or cream to add to our coffee. Sometimes making choices can frustrate us, overwhelm us or even freeze us in our path.

The next time you notice that choices are challenging you take a moment, take a deep breathe and shift your perspective. Look at choices from the mindset that you have the freedom to make choices for your life. You can decide to go to the gym or not. You can choose to walk or drive, you can select going to bed early versus staying up late.

Celebrate, don’t begrudge your choices. Select the mindset that supports you. The key is you have CHOICES. You actually get to make choices. There are millions if not billions of people around the world who would be ecstatic to have the kind of choices in life you have each day.

The key to integrating happiness into your day starts with your mindset. When you look at all of the things you want to accomplish today, your mindset dictates how easy or how difficult it will be. It starts with your thoughts. Ugh, it is raining outside, and driving in the rain is hard feels different than when you think, It is raining outside, and Mother Nature is doing her best to keep the plants watered, so driving to work slowly is preferred.

Perspective is the main ingredient in keeping your mindset focused on the good stuff. Some people complain about packing for a trip. I used to be one of those people. Now, I look at it as preparing for an adventure and being excited about the exotic things to enjoy. Now, the journey is centered on what to discover. A positive mindset creates a much happier experience. What is it time to shift your perspective on?

Lee Richter is an innovator and for more than 30 years, she has built successful and dynamic community-driven businesses. Her unique vision and system generate massive results, proven by her highly successful companies, which produce millions of dollars, hundreds of jobs, support communities and educate thousands of people all over the world. Lee has been working with happiness experts for many years and is her passion project she shares with the world.

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