What is Your Money Mode?

You work hard for your money. You have plans and dreams for now and for your future. Sometimes we are so busy generating revenue that we do not think about how we can preserve it or use it to ensure we have a solid financial future. Let’s look at your money mode. 

The Restart Mode

You’ve had something happen like an economic crash in your industry or a “life” situation like divorce, health crisis or care-taking for a parent, and your financial resources have been drained.

Spend It Mode

You earn it and spend it and this is a continuous cycle. You do not consider what happens if something goes wrong and do not plan for a time when you will not or cannot work. You probably have a lot of financial stress.

Save It Mode

You take a percentage of your income and sock it away. You may often get discouraged because money in a savings account does little more than just sit there.

Invest It Mode

You consider investment options and pick what supports your future. Life insurance can be a great addition. There is a plan that is right for you. Investing in a plan now could leave you with lifetime retirement income and give you the financial security you desire.

Legacy Mode

You want to preserve your wealth for your family. With guidance, you select a plan. This is where it is essential to meet with a specialist. The policy strategy I use for my clients can give you income and tax-free money for your family in the future. That is a legacy.

Take a moment and think about what money mode you are in and which one you want to be in that will support your goals and give you a feeling of security. Reach out to me if you would like to discuss what is best for you.

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