Take a Look at What Role Disappointment Plays in Your Business

A while back I gave a speech to a group of women entrepreneurs, my ideal clients. At the end of my speech, I invited the ladies to attend my upcoming event at a deep discount. Only one person in an audience of 60 women signed up for the event. When I went home, I was disappointed. Then I made some follow-up calls and within five days, seven ladies had taken me up on my offer. That was the day I decided to never again be disappointed by the immediate results I see in business. When you are not happy with your results or feel you are not meeting the expectations you put on yourself, if you are like most people, you are likely to be less productive, unfocused and not in action.

Recognize that your perspective is paramount to your effectiveness in business. When something does not go as you had hoped, instead of telling yourself you might have made the wrong decision, ask yourself what you can do to make your decision right. Sometimes you can turn around a situation that does not initially go your way.

Have a long-term view of your business. When you keep in mind that building relationships and influence does not always happen overnight, and you plan to be in business for years to come, you start to see that results come—just not always immediately. Keep in mind the seeds you plant now will be harvested later.

Look for the learning. Every time things do not go as well as planned we have an opportunity to evaluate what we could have done better. We can make upgrades and then reap more rewards next time. “Always be upgrading” is a great guiding principle for your business.

Is it time to shift your perspective?

With appreciation,

Caterina Rando, TWIB Magazine Publisher

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