Grow Your Team to Create Mega Impact

Are you a woman entrepreneur doing it all, or most of it, yourself?

If so, there are two predictable outcomes:

There is a limit to how much you can grow.

Much of what you are doing is neither your passion nor your strength.

Your business is the expression of your vision and genius in the world. You are probably excellent at everything you set your mind to. However, if your heart yearns to make a bigger impact in the world so you can serve many more ideal clients, you are holding yourself back.

Think about this: Who does it serve for you to struggle with _________________________ (fill in the blank with whatever you are currently doing that you would rather not be doing)?

Yes, you guessed it NO ONE. An example is that you struggle to learn some new technology when you’re not technical. If you are anything like me, it will be a slow road to China or, more accurately, you are going nowhere fast in a vortex of overwhelm and paralysis!

It’s all about ‘letting go’ and delegating to your ideal team members, meaning:

  • Their skills, talents and temperament are perfectly suited for their role.
  • They are totally aligned with your brand and your values.
  • They are a great fit with your culture.
  • They love you and what you’re up to in the world.
  • They eagerly take on their role and the tasks that you give them.

Find a way to build your team to free yourself up from everything that is not your passion or your strength. Focus on that which only YOU can do to help your community members solve their challenges with your brilliance, inspiration and guidance.

Watch what happens as your business grows and thrives, and as you make the massive impact you’re here to make.

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