Work Smarter to Enjoy Success with Ease

Many of us believe that we have to work hard from sun up to sun down to accomplish anything. This is not living- it’s existing- and doing it too long will strip you of your joy for life and passion for your work. The saying “work smarter, not harder” is very true, and there are ways of living and thinking that can promote ease in your life. Success with ease is enjoying your work, the process, and the results, while enjoying the other aspects of your life. Adopt some of these ideas and watch your success soar at work and in the rest of your life.

De-Clutter Your Life.   Do you have too much stuff in too many places? If so, get rid of it. It takes up precious space, causes confusion, and sucks the energy out of you. Clean your closets, your desk drawers, your pantry and every other place that is in disarray.


Plan Breaks in Advance.   Sometimes we think that the sky will fall if we take a vacation, go away for a long weekend or even take an afternoon off. If you plan for time away, you will easily be able to get away, without having to reschedule, cancel, juggle, delegate and rush to get things done. Take a stand for yourself and give yourself needed (and deserved) breaks.


Don’t Worry.   We spend too much time worrying about the future and the past. Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a mystery, today is truly a gift. Put your attention and thinking on what you can change. Release worrisome thoughts. They do you no service and can create mental and emotional havoc that makes no contribution to your life.


Expect Ease.   Release old ideas that pain and suffering are necessary to achieve success. Reprogram your thinking throughout the day with these statements “Success comes to me with ease.” “I move through my life with ease.”


Create Support.   We can all use more support. Support comes in many forms- a walk with a friend, a cup of tea in the afternoon with a colleague, a neighborhood teenager who mows your lawn, takes your dog for a walk, or takes your boxes to charity. Support is getting a massage once a month, hiring an assistant, a bookkeeper, or even getting your groceries delivered to your door. Where can you use more support? Go get it!


Be smarter about how you work by putting your attention on these ease-enhancing ideas, and watch your success soar!

Soaring to Success,

Caterina Rando, TWIB Magazine Publisher

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