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Revitalize Energy to Freedom in Mindset & Vitality Retreat

January 22 - January 24


Welcome into learning about revitalizing your energy. This retreat is a way to revitalize your energy connect with a like minded community as you create your truth in Mind, Body and Soul, learning to prosper in this new world that has changed within just a few short period of months.

Right here and now we are learning to maneuver and to create in this world where many of the ways of living have changed for ALL of us. I am learning, even for myself, Rhonda Liebig, that the new way of looking at retreats is to confirm that it is serving your personal needs especially with the new times. Below is a list of ways that I am seeing people struggle in the vitality:

  • Extra Inflammation
  • Weight Gain
  • Bloaty face
  • Puffy eyes
  • Swelling Feet
  • Loss of waistline
  • Feeling restricted/tight throughout the body

This is how we get to create space around these issues and address them throughout our time together. Firstly you will be receiving a special VIP box of goodies that will give you physical tools to release swelling and decrease inflammation. Secondly you will be receiving easy to follow recipes (since this is a virtual retreat). Thirdly you will have a special session with me so that I can create a tea that works for you that you will be drinking throughout the weekend. Fourthly I will be creating meditations that fit into what the retreat community is working through at that moment to create a space of connection for you and your goals Finally the gentle movement I will address through meridian stretching, gently yoga and walks where I will be out on my energy track. This is where we get to address the above issues

The locations that this work is done to support you is that I get to invite you into my ranch, The Fresh Inspiration Ranch, virtually. We then are spending time in your home in your special inspirational spot. I will be meeting you in these areas around The Fresh Inspiration Ranch to create inspiration and support you to connect with that moments’ intention:

  1. Freshly Inspired Learning Center
  2. Vitality Healing Ranch Kitchen
  3. Energy Revitalizer Meditation & Yoga Room
  4. Outside Energy Circle (grounding work and forward movement exercises)

This two and a half days together is focused on immune building and community building time together as we will create NEWLY Mastered Freedom and Vitality Blueprint for you by using strategies to open with clearer eyes of what we need here and now to live in a true grounded way as we have always been searching for originally but now we will address with clearer consciousness in our current climate changes. Right here and now is our time to learn how to embrace the new changes so that we prosper in our personal vitality and daily productive flow.

My biggest crusade is to change the stats of how this virus is going to affect us as we move forward and also changing the pain that is afflicted with chronic disease too as we build stronger immune systems and lungs. Over the years I have created my Energy Revitalize Pillars: Movement, Mindset and Food which will be utilized throughout this unique weekend so that you strategically create your strategies that will infiltrate within your lifestyle so you can do this easy and masterfully. You will be supported as you get to learn what works best for you as I will be fully with you guiding as your Energy Revlitalizer & Mindset Freedom Guide using my twenty years of experience in the health industry. As I love to say, “I believe our health and wellness steps is the new way to look at the smile concept. When we give love and smiles to others that goes from one person to the next and creates an affect in the next persons smile.

Let’s create your path of, “YES, I got this!” truth for you, your family, your community and then the world. Everyone needs us now to stand as leaders in immune building and happiness factor.

In this unique VIP style retreat I am infusing my 20 years of being in the health industry, 12 years of running business and 7 years of creating vitality expansive retreats at my private ranch, The Fresh Inspiration Ranch. I gotcha as I will be creating in different spaces based on what we are creating as we will be sitting together in my Freshly Inspired Learning Center, Fresh Healing Ranch Kitchen, Energy Revitalize Meditation & Yoga Room, outside Energy Circle, PLUS you will receiving a special SWAG Care Package that will support your VIP experience. When you say YES to this retreat your package will be prepared for you and ready for you when you walk into the ranch. Here are some of the goodies that will be sent to you:

  • Special videos directly from me, Rhonda as you prepare for the retreat
  • Inspiration card selected special for you
  • Candle to create the calm atmosphere for meditation and yoga
  • Tips to get your VIP space ready
  • Pages to read and write for guided mindset breakthroughs
  • Special gifts from some of my friends too.

Through this unique and soulful retreat you will connect and learn what it feels like to:

  • reset your energy cycles,
  • create a grounded energy flow,
  • connect in life at a new level, new version of you,
  • sustain longer peaks of positivity even in the current challenging times
  • truly enjoy scrumptious wholesome foods that will cleanse and build your immune system for vitality and
  • opening your life flow as you open up new gifts in where to find your next passion projects to a higher frequency.

This weekend has a few layers throughout so that you can release and recommit to your energy for Mind, Body and Soul. What you will find is that each day you will feel lighter with increased vitality throughout this gentle cleansing weekend for your body and mindset. Also you will want to be wearing comfortable clothes for your meditation and yoga time too.


As Terri Baker-Rose said about the Retreat:

“I really enjoyed being in the energy of all the other women and watching you (Rhonda) lead. You have a huge heart and a depth within your soul that is beautiful energy to behold… There is an exercise that you did with the group on our last day that I am going to be adding it to my next gathering. I felt it to be so powerful.” ~Terri Baker-Rose, Your Love & Lifestyle Coach


“I was so inspired by your retreat with also meeting new people and networking too that I have finally kick-started my own health coaching business around serving food around my beautiful wooden island and serving food. This has been a vision for a while and now it’s finally happening.” ~Tammy OCallaghan


Here are just some of the results my clients from our last retreat:

  • The 85% rule. Gosh, looking back, the 85 percent rule would have really saved me, had I known. Using 100 percent of my resources with a valued task doesn’t leave room for additional resources when needed. This would have been a life saver!
  • The list for possible foods for the kidney in the morning. ( and other times! ). I’m a nut case for my new found love of cranberries! Pineapple! I feel so great!
  • The special tea mix was superb! I’d love to know what it was… sage?
  • The cold eye masks are great from reducing the backs under my eyes.
  • I am thinking I might have a chance to reduce the purple circles under my eyes I’ve had, well, for forever.
  • It was fun having the foods on a group in. Immunity
  • Learning to tap into my kid helped me relieve my stress.
  • I woke up during the retreat weekend in the middle of the night and realized what was holding me back. Your stuff really works !


About Rhonda Liebig and getting to know more about her WHY (get to know me more)…

Rhonda is an international speaker on the topics of Karate Chopping Your Saboteur for your Health and Mindset, creating higher vitality in your life and business. She is a best selling author of 14 Days to a Flat Belly and The FITT Solution. Rhonda is a CPA with ten years of business experience and an AADP Certified Health Coach in the industry for over 20 years and is a master in bringing freedom into your body through health and cash flow into your business. She is also known to get YOU noticed at a global level through her international platform, “The Fresh Inspiration Show”. Rhonda brings top inspirers together that are speakers and authors bringing healing transformation to communities that travels on tour from town to town. Rhonda has been featured through the media on Fox News, Good Day Sacramento, and other interview circuits.

Rhonda believes the only way to Show Up is feeling Vibrant, Clear Thinking and Energetic so that you can make changes in your community that will then vibrate into the world!


CA United States


Rhonda Liebig