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The Fresh Inspiration Show – Thriving Women in Business Center – SF

April 18, 2019 @ 5:45 pm - 8:45 pm PDT


The Fresh Inspiration Show is on tour and our next stop is in San Francisco, CA, Thursday, April 18th.

The Fresh Inspiration Show has been touring in Las Vegas, Arizona, and throughout California this 2018 year and looking forward to the 2019 year and so on. We have been creating a stage for out of town superstar speakers to come in and support your community. Our next spot is San Francisco, CA. You do not want to miss this night to be part of The Fresh Inspiration Show where Shane Goodrich will also be videoing the international show. The Fresh Inspiration Show is not just inspiring a LIVE audience now but a global audience, WOW that is inspiring!

The Fresh Inspiration Show Tour is known for inspiring on the how to’s to break through the day to day muck and live in authenticity as you create more business and lifestyle that is created by you. Below are the talented speakers and bestselling authors that are going to be in your local community;

  • Nicole DeAvilla – Author and Creator of 2 Minute Yoga, “Live the Yoga Life You Love” as a speaker and yoga leader that is known throughout the United States and in the industry for over 30 years.
  • Teresa Campos – Spiritual Warrior and known for Your Life’s Design (TM) and the best selling author, “Braving The Self” will share insights into the deep-rooted impulses that negatively impede desires.
  • Lucas Roy Lehman- International speaker, trainer and best selling author of 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power will show you how to increase your personal power–that is, your ability to manifest your desires with ease.
  • Rhonda Liebig- Bestselling author of The FITT Solution and 14 Days to a Flat Belly is an Energy Revitalizer & Mindset Mentor and creator of The Fresh Inspiration Show. Rhonda has been in the health industry for 20 years.
  • Dr. Beth Halbert -known as America’s Teenologist is a licensed child, family, teen psychologist with 25-years plus experience as a dynamic facilitator, speaker, and management consultant.

Want to be in the audience and share your experience? Then make sure that Shane captures who you are and your business as you share your experience with our viewers. You may even make it on our international show! Yowzzaaa! Now you can share with your friends that you are going to The Fresh Inspiration Show Global, for those who have location restraints and they will be able to catch show once released.

Here is a quick story about The Fresh Inspiration Show and it’s beginnings from Rhonda Liebig’s voice…

This night was created based on my own personal story, Rhonda Liebig speaking as the creator of The Fresh Inspiration Show…

I woke up one morning and my ears were physically hurting. I couldn’t hear noise or buzzing but my ears just felt tired. I realized that all the noise out there from the news stations and internet were really getting me down. At first, I didn’t know what to do. I wallowed in my own pity. At this point, I have been in the health industry for over 15 years and I felt like I was alone and I was not connecting with the right people. Some may say I was hiding. So I tried something new. I went out networking and I made new connections. As I started networking I realized that I was doing this in a “new school kind of way”. I was networking more like I was going out to meet up with my best friends even if it was the first time that I have met them. Along the way, I learned so many lessons through my personal mindset shifts. I could feel that my old protocol for networking and my views of what networking was about changed. This new mindset shift placed me in a space that I felt like I had friends around me, not strangers that I was meeting for the first time. I felt like I was not alone anymore and that I didn’t have to rely upon just myself to pull me out of the muck. I felt a DNA shift physically in my body. I actually even started dressing different and showed up in a different way. I also realized that this word “competition” didn’t mean anything to me anymore even though I was meeting other leaders in the community that were into spiritual and health coaching; my expert field. Fast forward, a couple years later I was now dancing and playing as if I was in dance clubs with friends (except the loud music). And if you know me at all I thrive in dancing and laughing. WOW, an epiphany of new thoughts rushed within me.

I AM NOT ALONE… I cried (literally). If you know me, you know that this is straight up true.

This new space transformed my way of thinking. Then I did something new that I have never done before. I picked up the phone and started calling all of my friends that I met throughout the years of “networking”. We were having a real dialogue, not sales calls and we started doing business as friends supporting each other and sometimes buying each other’s services. These local leaders that I met that were running meetup groups, gathering communities together and attending events were now friends that I enjoyed having a true conversation with about ups and downs of life and business.

This is how Fresh Inspiration was founded as stated above. The Fresh Inspiration Show creates a space for your spiritual and wellness shifts plus spending more time with “friendships”. These nights bring small business owners, spiritual leaders, wellness leaders and locals that are looking for positivity.

So my question for you, as the creator of The Fresh Inspiration Show, are you ready to do this “new school” way of living in inspiration?

If you are a “YES!“, then grab your ticket before we sell out the night as many locals are connecting with this new concept. Throughout The Fresh Inspiration Show Tour this year to Las Vegas, Arizona, and California our high vibe motivational night’s are catching on and building momentum.

Also, grab a light dinner as we will be serving snacks and refreshments as we connect you to the best local motivating rock star speakers around. In this night you are going to learn:

  • How to create with newly inspired energy
  • Connected with your daily purpose
  • How to live in a freshly inspired way
  • Ways to snap and reset your mind and body
  • The basic approach to keep your energy riveting before your afternoon slump starts
  • The power and connection of your thoughts and manifesting at a higher level

The schedule is below for The Fresh Inspiration Show and The Fresh Inspiration Blueprint Networking:

5:45 – Come and check in and grab your refreshments and seat

6:00 – Rhonda Liebig the creator of The Fresh Inspiration Show and as the emcee, she will warmly welcome you and create the atmosphere for the evening as you get you ready to connect and inspired for the night.

6:15 – Nicole DeAvilla – Author and Creator of 2 Minute Yoga, “Live the Yoga Life You Love” as a speaker and besides Nicole’s teaching she works with the International Association of Yoga Therapists with people from all over the world for over 30 years. Nicole is a local best selling author and she will be sharing stories about how her body just gave out throughout the years of abusing it and how she rebuilt her immune system and strength. She shares the steps that she created to get herself out of her personal pain and how this has guided many to health.

6:55 – Teresa Campos – Spiritual Warrior and know for Your Life’s Design (TM) and the best selling author, “Braving The Self” will share insights into the deep-rooted impulses that negatively impede desires.
Teresa is going to share with you her teachings and her personal search for understanding the differences between choosing one’s destiny versus passively accepting a socially defined path. Teresa will be sharing with you her spiritual studies as an empath for over 30 years. You will learn the difference between knowing who you are relative to living in someone else’s desires based on social conditioning.

7:30 – Lucas Roy Lehman – International speaker, trainer and best selling author of 7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power will show you how to increase your personal power–that is, your ability to manifest your desires with ease. With his broad range of experience as an entrepreneur, sexuality educator, and performer, Lucas understands the energies of prosperity, intimacy, and creativity, and his training in neurotransformational coaching (the brain science of how we initiate positive change in our lives) informs the clear steps he provides to overcoming disempowering cultural conditioning, unconscious blocks, and old limiting beliefs to create lives of joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

8:05 – Dr. Beth Halbert – Author and Speaker, Dr. Beth knows how teens think and act—and why. She understands how to get them talking about their emotions and behaviors. Plus, she knows parents. She understands how to get them to accept themselves exactly as they are, and how to accept their children exactly as they are. She assists parents and teens in building positive dialogue and developing more connected relationships. Dr. Beth bridges the parent-teen gap.

We look forward to serving you and your purpose…


Rhonda Liebig


Thriving Women in Business Center
3115 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94121
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