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Business Mastery

How to Capture the Media’s Attention

A news release is still the best way to communicate your story to the media. Here are some tips to increase your chances of it being seen: Create a great headline –it’s … Read More

How to Have Your Best Month Ever

Faith, hope and prayer will not grow your revenue. As a long-time business coach for women, I see that many in business do not put enough attention on bringing in new clients … Read More

What the Media Wants You to Know Before You Pitch Them

What is the best way to pitch the media? Muck Rack surveyed its journalist community for its pitching preferences (and I don’t mean baseball) and here’s what they … Read More

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Sales & Marketing

The #1 Reason Why You Aren’t Making a Profit in Your Business

The #1 Reason Why You Aren’t Making a Profit in Your Business The number one reason why you aren’t making a profit in your business is inconsistency, especially in your marketing. This usually occurs when: You get swamped with work and become reactive You don’t have a system, plan or protocol created This goes for […]


Master These 3 Concepts to Increase Sales

Remember the 3 R’s of grade school? They were reading, writing, and arithmetic. These three words were the basic foundation for your education. A good understanding of each of these subjects would help you succeed throughout your secondary education. By focusing on mastering the 3 R’s of Sales, you can excel at growing your revenue. […]

Whole Heart Marketing Blog

Get Your Blog On

Get Your Blog On The first step to your successful online marketing plan is to “Get Your Blog On”.  This means, start a blog.  I recommend using a WordPress Website as a platform for your blog.  Having a blog allows you to express your humanity online.  It allows you to create relationships with your clients […]

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Mindset Mastery

The Importance of Focus

We are all guilty of trying to do more than one thing at a time.  In our minds we are tricking ourselves into believing that are being more efficient and accomplishing more.  That is one of the … Read More

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3 Powerful Exercises to Boost Your Self Love

February, the Month of Love. This is the time when we traditionally spend extra time and effort telling special people just how much we love them--our husbands or "significant others," our children, … Read More


What Gets In The Way Of Your Vision?

This is part two in a series: Creating your best year ever as an introverted, woman entrepreneur.  Read part one here. Belief In Yourself One of our biggest challenges as introverted … Read More

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Finance & Operations

Hiring Bookkeeping Assistance in Your Office

As entrepreneurs, we often handle many tasks that can (and should) be handled by someone else.  We need to be working in our genius and not handling many of the mundane … Read More


In our fourth of five articles highlighting a total of ten good reasons to set up a business entity, we talk about appearing bigger than you are and having health care options … Read More


In our third of five articles highlighting a total of ten good reasons to set up a business entity, today we talk about legal requirements and the ability to buy and/or … Read More

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Whole Life Mastery

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The many returns of the day, Part 2- What is your ROL?

In this series we are talking about how we achieve a good rate of return on our investments outside of our money. The reality is that where our money goes is really not our best indicator of what our … Read More

Empowering Your Inner Success: Thriving from the Inside Out

Revealing the Treasures of True Success Do you and your business need a boost to be more on purpose with your personal and business goals? Are you ready to dive deeper into self-empowerment?  Have … Read More


The many returns of the day: What investments do you measure?

In our businesses we talk about achieving a good rate of return on investment or ROI. We want to know that where we are investing our resources is providing us an adequate, even above average … Read More

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Health & Wellness


Mindfulness techniques to create a happy, healthy and productive business

We've all seen it: the business owner who is overworked, under-joyed and ready to throw their hands up in frustration. This of course is not an ideal situation for any business owner who strives to … Read More


First Steps Toward a Simpler Life

How is it going so far in your quest to develop a simpler life? If this questions seems confusing, I invite you to read my post of January 13, 2016, entitled “A Simpler Life.“ In it I suggested that … Read More

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Morning Rituals to Change your Life Part 5

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve talked about how to wake up in the flow in the mornings.  Today let’s talk about how to energize your body to get going in the morning. Rehydrate By the time … Read More

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Image & Branding

3 Ways to Create Your Own Book FAST!

You may have already an written blog posts, eBooks or special reports and posted on these your website as a free opt-in offer. But many entrepreneurs find just getting started to be one of the … Read More

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Beautify Your Closet

We visit our closets once, twice, maybe even three times a day to assemble outfits that will represent our best selves. Is your closet supporting those efforts or is it uninspiring and not reflecting … Read More

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Increase Your Presence, Create Powerful Relationships

Part 2 of 6... Are you great at getting out there and going to events, yet not quite connecting with people or getting noticed?  If so the first place to look at is YOU, since you are the common … Read More

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