Caterina Rando

Meet our Founder, Caterina Rando

Caterina Rando is the founder of the Thriving Women in Business Community. She is on a mission to teach, mentor, and support women to be themselves, do their thing, serve their people and massively monetize their mastery. She shows women entrepreneurs how to be loud and proud about the value they bring in order to make their businesses thrive. Her clients grow, shine, expand, open themselves up to new possibilities, and take their businesses further than ever before. Caterina is all about, positivity, integrity, generosity, community, providing, and massive value while uplifting others.

She is a sought-after speaker, event producer, and author. Her latest book is the ABCs of Public Speaking. Learn to Think Differently from Watkins Publishing is published in over thirteen countries and several languages. Caterina has been the featured or keynote speaker at over 2,000 live events in the United States and abroad. She is an award-winning and always top-rated presenter. She is known for providing massive value in her interactive, uplifting and business breakthrough prompting programs. Find out about Caterina’s programs and book Caterina to speak.

Caterina is the founder of The Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle. This group of big-hearted women raises money for women and girls’ education and entrepreneurship training. She wants women to know that they do not have to wait until they are wealthy or retired before they can embrace philanthropy. This is the clear message in the Women’s Giving Circle Guide, a book she co-authored with C.J. Hayden.

Caterina is also founder of the Thriving Women in Business Center, located in San Francisco. This is an attractive and warm place for women to come and do their workshops. The plan is to open more centers throughout northern, California.

Caterina is recognized for her special way of infusing business with making a difference. She has received the Extraordinary Womanaward from Developing Alliances. The American Businesswomen Association bestowed on her the Woman of Distinction Award and she has also received the Limitless Woman award from the Limitless Woman Conference.

Each year, Caterina hosts over 70 days of events and trainings for women in business. Take a look at the upcoming events.