When Is The Best Time of Year for an Authorpreneur to Publish a Book?

Robbin Simons print image 5According to recent industry data, more than half of retail book sales in the United States occur only a few months before the Christmas holidays, between September and December. This a perfect time for launching and promoting your book if it is one that fits into the general interest or fiction categories. 

What this means for Entrepreneur Authors

While planning a November-December book launch may seem logical in order to take advantage of holiday shopping and pre-Christmas sales, the Entrepreneur Author should consider a more strategic approach-one that aligns her business for list-building and leverages the momentum created during promotional, “best-seller” campaigns.

By launching a book early in the fall, the Entrepreneur Author is then well-positioned to utilize her book for an essential list-building campaign that should occur one to two months ahead of an end-of-year program or product launch. This is where the BIG money is!

How to leverage this critical timing to get more speaking engagements

Also important is the increased visibility a book launch can create, particularly if the book becomes a best seller. This enables the author to leverage this success to obtain speaking engagements for 2017, which are being booked between now and the end of this year, in most cases.

Creating this much visibility and momentum so early in the fourth quarter positions you as a more attractive speaker going into the next year, especially if you are fortunate enough to attain the “holy grail” of book publishing- “best seller” status. To date, 100 percent of my clients have become Amazon Best Selling authors, the majority climbing to the #1 rank. These are the types of entrepreneurs who are sought-after speakers for live events, podcasts, media and article interviews, and more.

Now is the time to publish your book and take full advantage of this golden time of year!

Robbin Simons About Robbin Simons

Robbin Simons, founder and CEO of Crescendo Publishing, is the leading expert on lead-generation book publishing and platform growth. Through her exclusive publishing programs, she takes aspiring Author-preneurs from idea to published author in 90 days and to-date, has a 100% success rate in creating Amazon best-sellers. As well as being the best selling author of multiple books herself, Robbin’s work has been featured in many online and offline media outlets, and her authors have been featured in major television and print media outlets including Forbes, NBC's Today Show, Huffington Post, The Dr. Oz Show, USA Network and many more. Contact Robbin on her website www.crescendopublishing.com or via email at GetPublished@CrescendoPublishing.com.