Strategies for Creating Your Own Success Team with Ease

tribble_twibc_pic_sept_oct_2016As entrepreneurs, working alone can have its challenges and, if unchecked, can sabotage all the amazing work you’re doing. It can lead to self-doubt that can undermine your entrepreneurial dreams. One of the best ways to keep this from happening is to build your own success team that supports you, provides valuable insights, inspiration and motivation as your business grows and evolves.

Strategies for building your own success team:
1. Set your parameters: Your team should share your brand attributes. These are the core values, the foundational standards that govern how you do business. If you have a core value of integrity, your team should mirror your ideals.
2. Find your success team: I found my team members at various Thrive events. This community attracts like-minded women entrepreneurs with similar core values that complement my vision and goals. You can also find them at training classes, conferences, networking events, clubs and organizations.

3. Work with your team: There are many ways you can use your team. I have a declaration partner. She and I talk every weekday and spend about 15 minutes declaring our goals and aspirations for our businesses. You can be accountability partners. I call mine every Monday with my weekly action items and follow up the following Monday. It has helped us both to move forward and we support each other with feedback and encouragement. You can create masterminds. These usually consist of a few people and involve brainstorming, concepts and ideas. Typically you spend a pre-specified amount of time on each person and meet less frequently.

As an entrepreneur, you have unlimited possibilities and your team can help you keep the spark alive and support you in reaching your greatest desires. Start now, and before you know it you will have a success team that will serve you and your business for long-term success