How to know what to charge for a value-based business

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve had to struggle deal with that age-old question:
What to charge robin taney, the get real girlfor what you do. If you charge too much, your ideal client won’t find you and if you charge too little, your non-ideal one definitely will. When you have a product that clients can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell, the task is a little easier because the client is basing their expectations and impending results (satisfaction) on their senses. When you have a service, it’s more complicated because it’s based on that intangible thing called…value.

Kind of like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, attaching a price tag to the value you will create for them (note I said “will” as in it hasn’t happened yet) is, for some, just as impossible.

For you, value is based on three things:

  1. Quality
  2. Commitment
  3. Results

For your client, value is based only on results, and to some degree, time. Did you solve their pain in a reasonable amount of time?

Recently, my husband and I completely renovated a new house. The contractor agreed to work within our budget (which made my husband cry) and made the necessary changes in about two months. When I was getting ready to write the final check, I thought about asking for an itemized list of every nail, screw, and bucket of plaster to see if it had lined up with what I had paid. But, I realized that I had what I wanted. A beautiful house that was completed on time and close to the agreed budget. My point being that I got the results I wanted so it didn’t matter what I paid.

If you can deliver quality service and results to your client, you are providing value that is priceless to them.

So, make sure your pricing reflects that value. You (and they) are worth it.

Robin Taney About Robin Taney

Robin Taney is the founder and owner of Studio 4 PR and the creator of Get R.E.A.L. TM, a program designed to help business owners maximize and monetize their online presence.

Taney’s career path is like a patchwork quilt—squares in different patterns that when sewn together somehow work. She’s been in broadcast news, corporate, non profit, event planning, internet marketing, and the tourism and hospitality industries. She’s written, promoted, planned, and implemented. She’s worked with community leaders, heads of corporations, small businesses and students.
She is most passionate about helping highly motivated entrepreneurs create compelling stories that connect and engage their customers. “When you consider that 75% of all U.S. based businesses have less than 500 employees and 50% are solopreneurs who work from home, it’s easy to see that small business is what’s keeping our economy afloat,” Taney says.

Get R.E.A.L, Get Noticed, Get Results explores four key principles business owners need to find their ideal client.

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