Create a Dynamic Network

You’ve heard the term “self-made,” right? While I understand the spirit of this description, in my experience I don’t believe any successful person is 100 percent self-made.

Successful people surround themselves with other successful people, and they lean on their networks when they need support, investment or just another set of eyes and ears. Professional athletes train with other professional athletes. Top entrepreneurs join networks and invest in masterminds so they can share ideas with people on a similar path. Wealthy people tend to invest in retreats to network with other wealthy people.

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Get R.E.A.L and Network

women-entrepreneurs-talkingIs there anyone who absolutely love, love, loves networking? If it’s not the circus act of trying to balance the drink, food and be able to shake hands, it’s being able to talk to someone without worrying that you have something stuck in your teeth, right?

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