6 Essentials on how to THRIVE in the New Year (Episode #18)

dr.mollie-thrive-resilienceToday on the show we’re talking leadership with resilience researcher, Dr. Mollie Marti. She shares what the research shows is needed to thrive in our quickly-changing fast-paced world. You will leave this interview equipped to better cope with and grow through adversity while supporting others on how to thrive, including:

  • What resilience is and how it unleashes innovation
  • The foundational piece needed to grow through adversity
  • Recognizing the important difference between good and bad stress
  • Making the connection between leading yourself and leading others
  • How passion guides you on your path to success
  • A prescription for whole-hearted living

About Dr. Mollie Marti

Dr. Mollie is a resilience researcher, professional speaker, author, and educator. Her mission is crystal clear: mentor leaders to thrive and serve. Trained as both a social psychologist and lawyer with a background in communications, Mollie brings years of experience in motivation, peak performance, and resilience to her teaching. Her newest book; Walking with Justice: Uncommon Lessons from One of Life’s Greatest Mentors has been welcomed into homes, schools, business organizations, and places of worship as a timeless handbook for being human. With her unique ability to combine the science of success with the art of exceptional living, Mollie frequently serves as a media and educational resource. Join her community HERE  for fresh resources to grow your leadership resiliency. You can also follow Dr. Mollie on Facebook and Twitter.

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