Create Your Own Community and Grow More Than Massive Revenue, Part One

Your business can do so much more than serve your clients. Your business can connect your clients and cultivate them into community. An incredible community of like-minded people provides massive value to your clients that you alone cannot deliver. When you create and foster connection and camaraderie through community your clients will love you and stick around forever.

Belonging is a Basic Human Need
Isolation kills dreams, promotes depression and can make it difficult to stay positive and keep hope alive. Community is the solution for many reasons. Humans feel safe and comfortable and accepted when they are with people similar to them. Often in life we can’t find people like us. For example if someone has cancer, or has lost a loved one, or is struggling with their weight, they can feel really alone. When they convene with others in a similar situation it feels good for many reasons including knowing you are not alone and having a place to ask questions, gain support and share ideas.

This is the first part of a four part article series designed to support you to build your community while creating massive value for the people you serve. Follow these ideas to get you started:

Pick a Purpose For Your Community
Communities are formed around all kinds of things. It could be to create friendships, to grow businesses, to help everyone become healthier, to eliminate clutter and improve relationships are just a few ideas.

What might be the purpose of a group you might create?

Get Clear on Who Your Community is Intended to Serve
People want to gather with people like them. What kind of people do you want in your community? This can be based on demographics like gender or age and psychographics like common interest, attitude or values. Included in this is the commonality that binds the group together. It could be a shared goal like getting healthier, a shared past experience, like getting divorced or a shared interest like scrapbooking.

Who is your community intended to serve?

Give Your Community a Name
You may do a variety of things in your business and have a variety of programs or offerings. Give your community a name that can encompass all of the ways you serve. You can include the word community in the name to make it extra clear what you are up to.

What might be a name for your community?

Follow these ideas to get your community started and begin to provide massive value to the people you serve. Check back next week for more steps on starting your community and growing your business.

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