Let’s Talk About Why You “Don’t Have the Money”

Woman-Money-Thoughts“Oh, I’d really like to hire you, but I just don’t have the budget for it”

“I’m sorry. I just can’t afford it.”

“I’ll get back to you when I have more cash flow.”

How many times have you heard this from business prospects? More importantly, how many times have you said this to someone whose services you were considering buying?

Yes, I’m talking about you.

There’s a disturbing trend happening among entrepreneurs (myself included) that must stop NOW before we put ourselves out of business and back at a J-O-B. I don’t know about you, but I am not going back, so let’s get this figured out.

According to the 2011 U.S. Census, for 22.5 million solopreneurs, their average top line revenues were $44,000 a year.

22.5 million solopreneurs making $44,000 a year. 

Considering that 50% of all U.S.-based businesses have less than 500 employees, that 75% are solopreneurs, and 50% work from home, which means that they are keeping the U.S. economy afloat, $44,000 a year is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

You realize that amounts to $21 an hour, right?

You realize that it’s actually less than $44,000 a year, right? Because that number doesn’t factor in things like taxes, insurance, etc.

As I see it, this approach presents three problems:

  1. Entrepreneurs don’t go into business knowing how to go in to business. They go in to business with their area of specialty and figure the rest will take care of itself.
  2. Entrepreneurs have no idea how much they want to make (or if they do, it’s a number they pulled out of the air)
  3. Entrepreneurs don’t do any planning whatsoever, so things like PR and professional development (which are critical to the success of any business) never rank a priority because they “don’t have the money.”

Now, I am as guilty as anyone of using that same line, so I am not throwing stones, but let’s be real here. If you’re buying lattes and shoes (ok, so they were on sale and way too cute), then you can’t really use that as an excuse, can you?

It all comes down to one question

What are you willing to do to achieve the kind of success you want and deserve? (HINT: It’s a hell of a lot more than $44,000!)

It all comes down to three things:

  1. Planning
  2. Investment
  3. Implementation

I am in the midst of planning for 2015 and the clarity it’s giving me is shocking. I want to help you achieve the same results, so until January 15, 2015, I am offering my Get a R.E.A.L Plan for 2015 to the first 15 people who sign up. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 2 60-min strategy sessions to help you get clarity around what’s working, not working, and needs to change in 2015
  • Established priorities
  • Established goals that align with those priorities
  • Income goals
  • Editorial calendar to help you get noticed when you achieve your goals
  • A clear, concise blueprint for your business’ success

Normally, this would cost $599 (and be a great value at that price), but because I’m in a giving mood and I think you’re worth far more than $44,000 a year, I am offering it to Today’s Innovative Woman subscribers for $299 until January 15. After that, the price goes up to $599.

Let’s get started!

To register, go here.


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