Innovative Woman Shari Fitzpatrick

Shari Fitzpatrick, Berried in ChocolateMeet Innovative Woman Shari Fitzpatrick creator of the original strawberry gift, author, speaker and founder of Berried in Chocolate!

1. How/why did you begin your business?
My goal was to make money (support myself) doing something that I enjoyed. At an early age I realized how short life really is and what a benefit it could be to spend most of my days doing something that I was passionate about.

Chocolate dipping berries and wrapping them up as gifts was a hobby and way to market myself as a mortgage broker in Los Angeles. I’m the perfect example of turning passion into profits.

Photography © Charr Crailwww.charrcrail.comImages for personal use only.2. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
My board of directors voted to sell my company. It was the most difficult time in my life. I felt as if I had lost one of my children. As I grieved this loss I came to understand that we learn the most, our character is built and we become stronger through the hard times in our life. I realized that dipping strawberries in chocolate is what I do…not who I am. That God cares more about my character then my comfort and that disappointment in life is not avoidable but discouragement is a choice. Besides…entrepreneurs are NEVER quitters!

3. How do you define SUCCESS?
I have found that my ultimate definition of success involves getting to the point in my life when I could finally stop and realize what is really most important.

4. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you began your business, what would that be?
I wish I would have taken some college business classes so that I would have understood the 51% rule. For years when speaking to business entrepreneurship classes at large colleges I’ve often bragged and joked that I have never taken a business class. Now, I sure wish I had. Three years ago, I lost my original Berry Company to someone I shouldn’t of trusted; 22 years of blood, sweat and tears was gone.

Shari Fitzpatrick, Innovative Woman5. What makes you an innovative woman?
25 years ago, in order to fill my desire to love my job, I took my passion and hobby and created the #1 gourmet gift to send on Valentine’s Day…..Nationwide!

Today…I continue to enjoy being creative!

My book BERRIED IN CHOCOLATE is also available dipped in chocolate! (It’s trademarked as “The first book in the world with calories!” TM) I enjoy traveling internationally as a professional speaker inspiring others to follow their dreams and never give up! I live in the Fairplay Wine region above Sacramento CA where I’ve created my own premium line of beautiful red wines (which is also available dipped in chocolate)!

My new berry company can be found at:  It’s where Shari is.

You can also connect with Shari on Facebook and Twitter.