Let Your Deeper Intelligence and Wisdom Guide Your Decisions

Wisdom, intuitionThe problem is clear. The answer is not.

Your business presents many problems everyday. Sometimes the solutions are apparent and easily implemented. Other times, the answer is buried deep inside layers of complexity or in different parts of the business. Out-of-the box thinking can help find the answer.

Intuition is now playing a bigger role in many people’s lives. This holds true in business as well. Creative solutions are being found from deeper intelligence and wisdom.

Generally, business is measured by return on investment (ROI), metrics and analytics. However, your human resources express itself differently.

Human beings are complex creatures. Understanding the nature and role of a person lends itself to unique set of considerations. Developing answers based on the individual’s core strengths and weakness; in addition to how they relate to others should be figured into the analysis.

Generally we gleam superficial facts on first glance something akin to a still picture. But a snapshot might not tell the entire story.

Think about a video with its dynamic content, layers of understanding come forth into a three dimensional narrative of the same situation. Video is more likely to give you a better perspective of the problem and any resistance to it.

Utilizing intuition and getting a deeper perspective, a holistic solution can be far reaching. By finding the root causes and resolving them, solutions correct problems at a systemic level vs. a symptomatic fix.

As a sole proprietor our client was managing her multi generational business alone. This kept her isolated with no one to confide too. Daily operational problems were monopolizing every spare moment. Those physical demands left little time for the client to think about much else.

By looking deeper into the situation and seeing what was underneath her resistance, this 3-Part solution became evident:

  1. Client intervention with her daily fires. She needed help in the management of her day and list of problems. She never had time to work ON her business only inside of it. The client needed to confide in others and get help to alleviate her daily pressure.
  2. We asked the client her understanding about her business financials. This helped us to establish a clear understanding how the client was making her decisions.
  3. Once we understood the clients’ position, we had a frank discussion about the consequences of not implementing recommendations and the negative impact it was having on the business.

Utilizing intuition gave us a deeper insight as to why the client was struggling. Analyzing the client’s behavior and emotional avoidance to certain duties, this allowed us to make the proper adjustments and put her on the path to success!

Christine Miura Headshot small versionGuest Writer-Christine Miura
Christine Miura is a speaker, marketing and internet strategist, business coach, social media expert, and author.

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