Your Cash Formula

As women in business we are always on the go. We know how to make the money, juggle the family schedules, take care of our sick and run the household as well as the office. But, who will be able to take care of us if we fall ill? The question now becomes: what is my cash flow formula? We are led to believe that tax deferred or precious metals are the end-all. The largest concerns for women today are “Not Outliving Our Money” and” No Loss Of Principle.”

How about liquidity? Not only do we need to diversify but we need access to funds without penalties; e.g.

Liquidity- A misnomer in that liquidity gets confused with equity.
Liquidity is immediate access to cash.

Equity- In the event that you become ill or incapacitated equity is  not liquidity! You may not be able to get that loan. If you do, it could take up to 6 months. That can bankrupt a person.

401 K- If you are under 59.5 years of age you will not only lose to taxes, but a penalty of 10% will be added.

Think of it this way. Times have changed. What worked in the past isn’t working today. Take a look at our National Debt Clock.
After you see the over $18 Trillion debt understand that tax qualified plans get eaten up when taxes go up. Do you think taxes are going up or down? During the Great Depression ( 1929-1939) taxes were 66% & steadily increased.

Did you know that Insurance is a key tool in financial growth & liquidity for the wealthy? Now that is a Cash Formula! Let’s talk!

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