What are Your Thoughts Whispering in Your Ear?

Woman with tin can phoneThis is part five in a series on how to create your best year ever as an introverted woman entrepreneur. If you have not read part four, you can read it here.

“It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power.” – Robert Kiyosaki

I love this quote because when it comes to gremlins (aka the Inner Critic), it is absolutely true. You do not hold yourself back because the voice in your head says you are amazing. You hold yourself back because the voice in your head says you are not “good enough” as you are. This voice stops us in our tracks, which is why I also like to refer to it as our “Stoppable Self.”

Our gremlins come up as we start to step out of our comfort zone, to play a bigger game. They are not trying to hurt us, on the contrary, they are attempting to protect us and keep us safe. The unknown can be scary, especially for us introverts who fear truly showing up, and being seen and heard in 100 percent our authentic selves.

Awareness is Key
Until you are aware of your gremlins and what they are saying to you, they will continue to hold you back, to stop you from reaching for your dreams. Awareness, recognizing and even naming it takes away the gremlins control and lessens its power over us.

Begin to notice exactly when you hear your gremlins whispering in your ear, say “thank you for caring” and ask these questions:

•    What is your fear?
•    What do you want me to do?
•    How will staying in this fear serve me?
•    How will breaking through this fear serve me?
•    What will I choose?
•    If you are feeling sassy, you can even challenge the gremlin and say something like “I see you trying to hold me back, well Bring It On!”

It is critical that you realize YOU are in charge of your thoughts and you get to choose whether to listen and agree with them or not. Just because you think it, doesn’t make it true.

I ask you, will your thoughts hold you back? Or hold you UP?

Join me next week where you will learn how to turn those mean old gremlins/your Stoppable Self into your Unstoppable self so you can continue to reach higher for your dreams.

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