Are You Having This Conversation?

Girlfriend are youAre you thinking about your money? Or, is it a thought that passes like a ship in the night? In speaking with women there is one common theme with regard to their money. Never Enough! Why? Today women make more money than ever.

If we’re making it we need to preserve it. Why is dropping 3% – 6% into a tax deferred plan or investing in volatile plans thought to be the end all? Do you know where your money is being put to grow or even what deferred taxes could potentially be in the future? How about your old 401k plans from past jobs? They are volatile when sitting.

If we look at the DOW over a 16 –  year span here is what the growth was.

Dec. 2010 –  $10,787.


June 2016 –  $17,675.

WOW, This sounds Awesome! That is a growth of approximately 33% in 16 years! In reality that is a growth of just about 2% annually on your money. Not much when you felt the emotion and stress of ups and downs.

Preserving the money you have worked very hard for can vanish. We’re going to need more money in the future. As we age and get to a retirement stage the majority think they will need less. In reality we will need more.We want to keep enjoying the lifestyle we created & health issues can arise. I’ve said in the past,” Outliving your money is a Baby Boomer’s Fear.” It’s happening with our medical insurance crisis and longevity. Our old standby of Social Security, Medical and Pensions are just not enough. We need a paradigm shift in society. We need Guaranteed Investments; not projected investments! Even Ben Bernake himself invests in GUARANTEES!

Let’s have that conversation!

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