Living Your Brand from the Inside Out

tammy_tribble_image_34251322_lHave you ever been to a networking event and met an amazing woman who was outgoing and wearing bright, happy colors, and when she spoke, her eyes sparkled – only to later find that her business card was incredibly corporate in design, in no way reflecting the life and vitality she radiated in person?

Many entrepreneurs feel they have to look a certain way, speak a certain way, be a certain way and present themselves like a corporation in order to be taken seriously. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

 Branding from the inside out is just that: capturing your unique personality and voice, and transferring it to everything you do, everything you say and every marketing piece you put out into the world.

Look, breath and speak your brand with pride and confidence!

You have so much value to bring and your clients are attracted to the very things that make you YOU. Don’t hide who you are under a perceived ideal of what a business should do.

Craft an elevator speech as unique as you are.

If you use the word, “awesome” in your normal speech, use it in your elevator speech. Craft it as if you’re talking to your ideal peeps. Let them know the benefits of working with you. People are drawn to genuine character and integrity.

Do your visuals match your awesomeness?

Just like the example earlier, if you are a person who wears pink and has a happy disposition, then have a logo and visuals that are in alignment with your unique and amazing business.

Take a look at your website and marketing materials and say your elevator speech, and if they do not feel genuine, then make a change and start living your brand from the inside out today.